Snoweria Zhang


Hi! My name is Snoweria. I am an artist + designer who enjoys mathematics, earrings, and tea.

A naturalized Canadian citizen, I have lived and worked in many cities, including Toronto, Boston, Shanghai, Paris, and London. As a result, I am a teensy confused culturally. My design work draws inspiration from my travels, love for math, and constant worries from reading the news. In 2017, my proposal to hybridize a waste-to-energy plant with a mosque was awarded an Architizer A+ Jury Award. Most recently, my design work was featured on the cover of Nature.

I graduated from Harvard University with B.A. in mathematics and minor in fine arts. Recently, I received my Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. My thesis focusing on architectural sickness and the Supreme Court was completed under the advisement of the formidable and delightfully weird Mack Scogin.


Designer, illustrator, mathematician.